Disappearing cover – Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Tribute Album


Album Artwork by Stephanie Sybydlo


One of my favourite things to do as a violinist is collaborate with composers and other artists to provide music for other art forms. Here you can listen to me playing with the Materia Collective on their cover track of Disappearing by Jessica Curry. I often work alongside Edinburgh based composer Luci Holland (check out her website!) who arranged and produced this track.

The Katet Album Launch



Last Sunday was the incredible launch of The Katet’s new album, Guillotine. I had the pleasure of being featured on this album as part of the cinematic string section. The launch took place in the Edinburgh venue, Summerhall, and the Katet had no problem completely packing the place! It was an absolute joy working with such a group of talented musicians with amazing stage presence. Go out and get yourselves a copy of Guillotine right now!

The Katet Facebook page